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Sarah O. Twamley

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Our mission is to provide the

best solutions in the healthiest way!


Since its founding, Sarah has provided others more time in their day to accomplish their goals and do what they love best. 

We cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve.

Create S.P.A.C.E. to enjoy your desired lifestyle. 

Feel and see a better you with the freedom of an organized home. 

Got some ideas? Have questions? We're ready for them.


Do More with

The Uncluttered Home! 

1. Organizing 

Hire us for organizing, room transformations, downsizing, minimizing, or sentimental shifting. Learn how you can feel a difference in your home that will alleviate a lot of overhwhelm and stress to make a healthier YOU!

3. Donations

Sarah prides in finding new homes for donations whether it's a local vintage shop for a wedding dress, used instruments for a kids at a local charity, or the woman's shelter. She cares and takes the time to share at no additional cost to you. 

2. Re-sell

Matt provides you with the tools you need to resell some collectibles or items that others may need in the marketplace. Don't want to do it yourself, he will contact locals antiques, consignment or auction houses and share the profits. 

4. Packing & Unpacking

Too busy with others things?

Injured or no longer have the mobility you once did? We love to unpack and find the ideal locations in your home so that you can live comfortably and efficiently. Have a deadline and need more people to assist you accomplish it, call us. That's what we do! 


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